The Zorelta are a nation of people on the planet Shri. At its height, it ruled much of the planet in peace, until the Crodin overthrew it.


Early DaysEdit

To date, there is little known of the early history of the Zorelta people. There are scattered documents, and archaological remnants, of their early history.

What few details we have seem to suggest that what would become the Zorelta nation formed out of what were previously warring tribes, several thousand years prior to the Fall of the Zorelta. It seems that these tribes had formed out of the anarchy of an even older civilization, which had fallen some 80-100 years prior, giving rise to local warlords and criminals, and allowing for foreign manipulation.

Little evidence of this older civilization remains.

Apparently it began with a cease-fire between two prominant tribes, which turned into an alliance; These tribes then either began conquering or assimilating the others. (Chronicles Addendum)

Cooperation Edit

Several of the major city-states agreed to cooperate following a series of attacks by The Great. To this end, they constructed the Zor'L'Ti Cooperation Citadel, a research center where the various tribes could pool their resources. (The citadel was named for one of the original tribes that organized to cooperation). However, this cooperative effort ended when the Zigori, a race of miniature people created by the cooperation, rebelled and started a civil war. The city was abandoned. (Squids in Forests Series: "Fried Calamari")

Rise of the ZoreltaEdit

The Zorelta covered a huge portion of their continent, even in those early days, which gave them access to great rescources. As they developed industry, their government laid down its laws and wrote the Articles of Zorelta, the famous original documents which define the nature and purpose of the Zorelta government.

Zorelta benefitted from a boom in science and technology. Their trade, and hence their economy, were extremely successful.

There was peace, long enough for their nation to form and strengthen. However, the Zorelta's strength would soon be tested, as the first World War of Shri would soon begin, dragging the Zorelta unwittingly into a struggle for their lives.


Its last king was Ginkus.

APPEARANCES: "The Last of the Zorelta", "The Ancient Secret Under Shri", "Balzak Globotron"


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