Mini City

A small settlement of Miniature People in the mess hall of a diralict ship.

The Zigori, previously known as Miniature People, are a race of tiny people who inhabit the forests of Shri. They speak a different language and make their homes among the ruins of their larger neighbors. (Squids in Forests Series: "Further Sylvan Squidisms")

Additionally, it is known that at least somewhere in the universe there are advanced, spacefaring Miniature People. Balzak Globotron encountered one of their ships. (Balzak Globotron Series: "Balzak Globotron")


The Zigori were first created in the Zor'l'Ti Cooperation Citadel on Shri, before the unification of the various city-states into the Zorelta nation. They were a last, desperate attempt to create a defense against The Great, who were attacking from space. The thought was that they could infiltrate The Great's ships easily and find their weak point - and maybe perform sabotage. And, in case none of that worked, a race of human people would still survive on Shri, by building their homes in the nooks and crannies, where The Great would never find them. They were named by Ganakos after his young daughter Zigori, who was killed in a Great attack. (Squids in Forests Series: "Fried Calamari")

Well over a thousand years later, Ari and Cassie encountered a colony of them living in a forest on Shri. Some of them made their homes within a crashed Crodin ship, and worshipped a Mysterious Statue. Ari attempted to communicate with them, but they spoke a different language, and so they moved on. (Squids in Forests Series: "Further Sylvan Squidisms")

Disturbed by the presence of Ari, the communities of Zigori quickly decided he was a threat and called upon their protector god -- the Mysterious Statue -- to destroy him. Ari discovered this after first making contact with the Zigori, thanks to History Bot's translation matrix. A man named Teclesius realized Ari was not a threat and decided to help him. (Squids in Forests Series: "Fried Calamari")

Balzak Globotron encountered a miniature starship, hiding aboard the Midway Station for unknown reasons. However, it quickly flew away before he found out anything about its pilots. It's unknown if these are the Zigori, or another race of tiny beings. (Balzak Globotron Series: "Balzak Globotron")


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  • They were created by Xaq.

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