When EVIL Flows in Freeness was the title of a PCG by Xaq DGame and BronzeCo. It was made for their friend Cassie, and had she liked the game, it likely would have started off a new saga of PCGs. Instead, when the series failed, elements of it were incorporated into the Squids in Forests Series, starting with The Ancient Secret Under Shri, which had Cassie meet up with Ari and join forces with him.

Story and SituationEdit

An innocent girl finds herself in a bad situation-- She's in a mysterious house, with strange technology strewn about. It seems she's being experimented upon, like a rat in a maze. Worse, she can't seem to do anything except keep falling down to lower and lower levels.

The CharacterEdit

Cassie is an innocent, if crazy and impulzive, girl. She's very into animes and mangas, and is confused by the strange scenery she finds herself in.


No one was around to help Cassie escape the house.


The Fat Guy waited for Cassie somewhere in the house, licking his lips in anticipation of blocking yet another adventurer's path with his fatness.

At the bottom floor of the house was Kron Yahumto, a merciless giant Japanese man who hated manga and anime with a passion and tried to kill anyone who disagreed with him on that point.


Cassie escaped through the bottom, and as she fell she saw the words TO BE CONTINUED... and indeed, her adventure would be continued, in "The Ancient Secret Under Shri".

The GameEdit

A random as hell game, this one was literally a quest to get to the bottom of things. The only way to escape from the house was to keep falling through floors to reach the bottom. The puzzles in this game were easier than most, and the game itself was very short.


  • Besides the addition of Cassie herself to the Squids in Forests series, Kron Yahumto's remains have continued to provide a method of healing to Ari and Cassie.

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