The Trilennium Eagle was a smuggling ship, operating in the Mez'Dora Corridor. Its main mission was to smuggle nerdy materials to various planets in the Corridor, but it frequently ran into trouble with pirate ships. As such, the ship ended up hiding on Mordriff, where by sheer luck they met Balzak Globotron. After returning him to his ship, they agreed to join his fleet. Their main crew includes Eltrus, Gans, and Chewbacca, the latter of whom became a frequent addition to Balzak's landing parties. (Balzak Globotron Series: "Balzak Globotron")


  • The Trilennium Eagle is a reference to the Millenium Falcon of the Star Wars franchise. Gans is perhaps a nerdy version of Han Solo, Eltrus is very loosely based on Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Chewbacca is a character from that franchise.
  • The Eagle and its crew were created by Kurt Elfman, along with the planet Mordriff where they were found. However, Xaq DGAME is responsible for naming the ship and its crew (since Elfman couldn't be reached to consult before Mordriff was played). He also drew the first exterior image of the ship.