This is the Timeline and chronology of events taking place in the PCG Universe.

(Note: The chronological order as depicted in this timeline may not indicate the order that the games were published in.)

The Timeline, At A Glance!

Beginning of Time

1000 Years Ago

Hundreds of Years Ago


1990s- Series 1 Era

2000s - Series 2 Era

2010s - Space-Balls Era

A Really Long Time AgoEdit

time traveling/prequels

This era begins at the beginning of time, chronicling the adventures of Adam, who may have been the first example of a Human Being. As time passes, we meet king Ginkus of the Zorelta, who is much more than he seems and will play into the destinies of everyone involved. As the era comes to a close, various earthly heroes begin their first adventures, and the Company is formed.

Quasi-modern TimesEdit

Childhood Adventures - 1990s
All the pieces are in place - Ginkus is frozen in time, the Company is growing rapidly, and a normal child named Xaq is born, who will go on to become one of the greatest threats to the Company, under the leadership of Zoovac and with the assistance of Ari, Chris, Colette, and occasionally his dogs. He goes through every conceivable adventure in this era.

Modern-ish TimesEdit

Continuing Struggle - 2002-present
Xaq has grown, and is continuing his quest, which now takes him through a plethora of different worlds and parallel dimensions, learning more about the nature of the universe while encountering new creatures. Meanwhile, his friends, Pierre, Ari and Colette, begin fighting the company, and their adventure takes them into space, where they land on Ginkus’ world and learn his history. A strange being named Balzak Globotron begins his quest to learn who and what he is, and his quest will take him to learn the truth of Ginkus’ world, while bringing Ari and Pierre’s adventure to a climax. Meanwhile, other heroes (and villains) start their unique stories on a variety of worlds.

Beginning of Time Edit

Date Story/Event As Told In...
N/A Lost Testament
N/A Soluna
1 Genesis
1 REGenesis
1 Exile
1 Revelation

Ginkus' Era Edit

Date Story/Event As Told In...
? War of the Great Fried Calamari
? Zigori Uprising Fried Calamari
? War of Shri The Last of the Zorelta


"The Last of the Zorelta"

Medieval Times Edit

Date Story/Event As Told In...




"Farmer's Tale"


Cross-temporal battle Till Time do us Part
1800s Ned Norwegian's escape The Fabric of Reality
1940s "The Nazi Machine"

Child EraEdit

1991? "Paper Computer Game"
1991? Xaq discovers The Company Various Series 1adventures
1992? "Chris and the Portal Tree"
1993? "Zoovac Game"

Modern EraEdit

2003 "Till Time Do Us Part" (Main part)
2003 "Relics of the Sea"
2003 "The Fabric of Reality"
2003 "A Fig's (worthless) Life"
2003 "Ginkus' Gift"
2003 "The Nazi Machine"

(Xaq's timeline)

2003 "Xaq to the Future"
2003 Xaq and Zoovac return "Legions of Power" (Unreleased)
2003 "The EVIL League of EVIL-Ness"
2003 "The ALIEN Abduction"
2003 "The Evil Echidnas of Elfland"

"The Invisible Menace"

2003 "Demo Game"


Jan. 2004 "The Mansion of Mystery"
Feb. 2004 "When EVIL Flows in Freeness"
Feb. 2004 "The Ancient Secret Under Shri"
Feb. 2004 "Squids in Forests"
Feb. 2004 "Further Sylvan Squidisms"
Feb. 2004 "Preview for PCG 24"
Feb. 2004 "Fried Calamari"
Feb. 2004 "Descent"
Feb. 2004 "Into the Heart of the World"
Feb. 2004 "REVENGE of the Mole Men"
Feb. 2004 "Balzak Globotron"
Aug. 2004 "Alien Invasion!!!: Prologue"
Aug. 2004 Alien Invasion

!!!:"Evil Plans"

Aug. 2004 Alien Invasion!!!:

"The World's Reaction"

Late 2004 Malphoid Series:

"Malphoid the Mailbox Bot"

Late 2004 Malphoid Series:

"Malphoid: Fired!"

Other TimelinesEdit

This timeline mainly concerns the PCG Universe, with some relevant digressions into other universes. For those universes' timelines, see: