Till Time Do Us Part is a paper computer game by BronzeCo. It is the first installment of the developer's Second Series.

Story Edit

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Xaq is pulled back in time, and encounters a gigantic battle taking place at a medieval castle. The causes of the fight are unknown, but it includes dinosaurs, an Alien flying saucer, medieval combatants, and other from various different time-scapes.

Xaq becomes caught in the crossfire and has to struggle to survive, but finally makes it by stowing away aboard the Alien ship. There, he crawls through the ventilation shaft, and sees a strange alien creature activating a glowing crystal.

Its effects are unknown, but Xaq is returned to the present time at this point, either by the crystal or by other, unknown forces.


The alien seen at the ending of this game is never followed up on, as of 2017. However, the mixing and matching of time periods seen in this game is similar to the reality mash-up seen a few episodes later in The Fabric of Reality, an event which pulled the Universe apart and rebuilt it, creating a multiverse in the process. That event so far has no explanation, so it's possible the events of "Till Time Do Us Part" are somehow related.