This article is about the game taking place in the Sewers. For the Sewers themselves, see Sewers

The Sewers is a retroactive title for the second PCG in Series 1, and hence the second PCG game ever made overall. The game is a direct sequel to the first game. It also marks the first appearance of Laura.


Directly after Xaq escapes the castle with Colette in the boat, he finds himself being swept into a large sewer. He must then fight his way through the sewers to rescue Laura and Colette again.

The CharacterEdit

Continuing his adventures of just moments before, Xaq remains largely unchanged from the previous game; He's beginning to get used to everyone trying to kill him, and is beginning to learn to be better at saving his friends, despite that. It's a skill that would come in handy over the years for him.


  • Colette, fresh from being a grumpy damsel in distress in the last game, now accompanies our hero in his sewer-bound boat.
  • Ari, Colette's brother and Xaq's friend, has joined the madness and will be very helpful.
  • Laura makes her first appearance in this game. She's stuck in the sewers. Can our trio of friends rescue her?

The GameEdit

Not much is known (aka remembered) about this game. An early portion featured a sewer maze that Xaq had to navigate, and it is here that he first met Laura. She was hiding in a drain pipe, and gave him some information on how to solve a puzzle. She also followed him out of the sewers. This is also the game where Xaq first met Ari, although how this happened has been lost. Adding to the mysteries surrounding this adventure, it is unknown who or what the main bad guy was, although it is assumed to be The Company.


How the heroes resolved their quest is not known, however, after it was a romantic, flirting scene between Xaq and Colette ensued. Nothing ever came of it, however.

The sewers? Gross! What do you think I am, a ninja turtle?