The Nazi Machine is a Series 2 BronzeCo Paper Computer Game. It follows the story of a time- and dimension- travelling Xaq, finding himself in the 1940s. The game deals with post- World War II themes, such as Russian secret agents, Nazis, and espionage.

Story & SituationEdit

Perhaps due to the Universe's restructuring which began in The Fabric of Reality for unknown reasons, Xaq is plucked out of his adventure in an alternate world where he was seeking Ginkus, and finds himself in the 1940s, in the same town where he'd previously visited when he briefly took the place of Ned Norwegian.

From there, he was picked up by the U.S. government, who for some reason knew him as being a successful agent for them. General Scott convinced Xaq to accept a new mission into Russia to find and destroy The Nazi Machine. To do so, he had to infiltrate a party at a man named Borishnicov's mansion.

He accepted the mission, and was partnered with a British secret agent, James. They went to Russia and began their mission.

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