The Last of the Zorelta is a Ginkus' Odyssey Paper Computer Game, which is famous for telling the story of Ginkus. It ties in with the Pierre Series, and serves as backstory for Balzak Globotron.

Story and SituationEdit

1,000 years before Pierre, Ari, Zoovac, and Colette were shot down above the planet, a wise man ruled the dying nation of Zorelta on the ancient world of Shri. Long ago, there had been huge wars, but thanks to Zorelta's great king, the wars had found a peaceful solution, uniting nearly the whole planet. However, a rebellion soon grew from the cracks and crevaces, a powerful rebellion that somehow had extremely advanced technology rose up and seized much of the world. Now, the Crodin Rebellion threatens even the capital city; and the King of the Zorelta must make one last stand.

The CharacterEdit

Ginkus, the regal king of the once-mighty Zorelta nation, has been captured, dethroned and imprisoned. But there's much more to Ginkus than meets the eye, and he's not happy to be thrust aside. He must fight his way back to his capital building, where he must recover his Power Staff—the main source of his power.


Zoovac, a mysterious clown on a stick, has been sent back in time by Pierre and now helps Ginkus.


The Crodin Rebellion stands on the brink of occupying all the free peoples of Zorelta. Their cruel troops fight to seize the capital city.

Emperor Grodo XVIII is the leader of the Crodin. A vain man, he gets pleasure out of taking Ginkus' throne and making it thoroughly his own.

The GameEdit

A prequel to the first two games, this game chronicles the capture, escape, and revenge of the king of Zorelta. The art is slightly better than before, and the puzzles more logical. As Ginkus explores Shri, he'll have to fight off Crodin soldiers, navigate mysterious mazes, discover strange powers, and finally recover what is rightfully his.


Having fought his way through his occupied capital building, Ginkus finds his way to the roof, where he takes his Power Staff and emits a massive amount of energy from it, creating an energy field which seals off his tower for 1,000 years. His adventure would continue at that time.

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