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The EVIL League of EVIL-Ness!!!
The EVIL League of EVIL-ness

The cover shows Pierre's long hair trailing out the window of an airplane in flight.

Full Title The EVIL League of EVIL-ness
Series Xaq's second series
Number 1
Size 12 screens (Excluding cover and tutorial)
Style Classic PCG
Made By Xaq
Main Character Pierre
Main Villain Rorric
Planet Earth
Location The H.O.R., Germany; Xaq's House, Englewood, New Jersey
Notes of Interest -First modern game made by Xaq; the first in his new series

-First appearance of Pierre; first game with Pierre in starring role

-Due to errors, Zoovac is drawn with a box instead of a tripod and frizzy hair instead of straight, daggerlike hair.

-Due to MORE errors, The Company is referred to as The EVIL League of EVIL-Ness; The game is named after them.

The EVIL League of Evil-Ness!!! is the first game in the Pierre Series, starring Pierre. The game is a spin-off of Series 2, and incorporates several elements of that series. The title of the game refers to The Company, which Pierre unknowingly meets.

The game is also the first modern game by Xaq, and the first installment of his planned new series.

Story and SituationEdit

Pierre is hired by Zoovac, Xaq's ally, to be one of his agents. Shortly thereafter, Zoovac is captured, and Pierre must travel to Germany to rendevous with Ari and rescue Zoovac.

The CharacterEdit

Pierre is one of Xaq's friends who Zoovac has recently hired. He has long hair, a seashell necklace which can be a deadly weapon, a broken AOL cd, and some serious violent tendencies. Throughout the game, he will have to decide where his loyalties lie.


Zoovac, a mysterious clown on a stick, has hired Pierre for this adventure. This strange creature seems to have ways of getting information, and he uses them to hire human agents to fight the world's evil forces, especially the EVIL league of EVIL-ness.

Later on, Pierre meets Ari, another agent of Zoovac and longtime friend of Xaq. Ari is loyal, skinny, and flexible. He'll be an important ally. His main goal is to rescue his sister, Colette.

Colette, Ari's sister, has been captured by Rorric and must be rescued.

The GameEdit

The first of Xaq's modern games! This is a short, basic and very classic game, as it is the first in the new series and designed to introduce new players to Paper Computer Games. Like many old games, this one begins in Xaq's room, then goes to the maze screen behind the house (An extremely easy maze screen), and finally to far-off adventure in Germany. The puzzles are mostly simple, but there are a few difficult ones.


Pierre and Ari rescue Zoovac and Colette, then escape into the sewers, where their adventure continues in part two: "The ALIEN Abduction".

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