The Cyborg is the assumed name for a cybernetic organism whose origen is unknown. He is the protagonist of "Xen".

Our records tell us stories from all over the universe, in all periods of time; Sadly, the tales we hear often lack historical details, and we can find out little else about the lives of the people involved or the times and places in which they lived. One such case involves this Xeno, who had been mutilated and transformed into a cybernetic being. Who he may have been prior to his transformation is unknown. He appears to have been a tall, imposing cyborg with a half-robotic face. In his adventures, he progressed by uprgading himself with new computer programs and robotic parts. (Xen Series: "Xen")


This Cyborg found himself in a lab, presumably where he was created. He was paralyzed by his robotic programming. He wasn't able to do anything without the appropriate program.

After a long period of being trapped, he was able to find and download the necessary program for forward motion. From there he began to slowly explore his surroundings, finding and downloading more programs as he went.

During his adventure, he also encountered a Cleaning Bot, which assisted him in opening a door. The outcome of his adventure is yet to be uncovered. (Xen Series: "Xen")

He has also appeared in one other instance in our records, as part of Tutorial Bot's drug-induced fantasy. It is debatable whether Tutorial Bot actually encountered him, or whether he was just a figment of Tutorial Bot's imagination. Regardless, Tutorial Bot had to give him a Save Program (Which allows him to save game) in exchange for another item. (Space-Balls Series: "Tutorial Bot's Past")

This cyborg is certainly a tragic, mysterious figure and it should be interesting to find out more as more of his story comes to light.

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