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The ALIEN Abduction is the second paper computer game in the Pierre Series, and the sequel to The EVIL League of EVIL-Ness. It is the second game to feature Pierre as the main character, and likely the first appearance of the Flying Saucer Aliens.

Story and SituationEdit

Having escaped Rorric's mansion (known as the H.O.R- House of Rorric), Pierre, Ari, Zoovac, and Colette escape through the sewers, only to be captured by a menacing group of aliens. Pierre must fight his way across the alien ship to re-rescue his friends!

The CharacterEdit

Pierre is one of Xaq's friends who Zoovac has recently hired. He has long hair, a seashell necklace which can be a deadly weapon, a broken AOL cd, and some serious violent tendencies. His dark side continues to tempt him, in this game even leading him to sever an alien penis and use it to solve a puzzle.


Zoovac, a mysterious clown on a stick and Pierre's employer, has now been captured by aliens, and must be rescued.

Ari, another of Zoovac's agents, bears his eternal scowl despite having rescued his sister, Colette. Who can blame him, though? He's being imprisoned by aliens.

Colette, Ari's sister, has been captured once more, this time by aliens and must be rescued once again.


The villians in this game are a mysterious species of Aliens. Could they somehow have connections to the EVIL league of EVIL-ness encountered before?

Rho'Shivej was a gigantic alien, and commander of the alien ship. He was of a different species, however, than the other aliens. He was powerful and evil, but he had his indulgences.

The GameEdit

This game continues where the first game left off, beginning with a daring escape through the sewers. From there, the group finds themselves in a field, where a U.F.O notices them and abducts them. The rest of the game involves exploring the flying saucer and rescuing friends, while trying to find a method of escape. The puzzles were much less obvious in this game, and were often very frustrating.


The party, now reunited once more, fights their way to a smaller spacecraft, which they use to escape the mothership. However, the mothership shoots them down. As they spiral down, they realize that the blue-and-green orb below them is not earth...

The mysterious planet's identity would be revealed in the next game, "The Last of the Zorelta"; however, Pierre&co's adventures wouldn't directly continue until "The Ancient Secret Under Shri".

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