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Logo for the Squids in Forests series.

Squids in Forests is the series of Paper Computer Games which feature the adventures of Ari exploring the forests of Shri. It's a spin-off of the Xaq series, as well as the Pierre Series, both of which feature him as an ally.

Cast of CharactersEdit

Main CharactersEdit

  • Ari, the main character of the series. He's an agent of Zoovac from Earth who has crashlanded on this strange planet through a strange chain of events. Separated from his friend and partner Pierre, he works to find Pierre and his sister and get home.
  • Cassie, another girl from Earth, although she doesn't work for Zoovac. She seems to have been kidnapped for a strange series of experiments. She escaped and teamed up with Ari.


  • The Crodin, An evil empire which has conquered all of Shri, treating the former citizens of Zorelta with cruelty.

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This series is a direct spinoff of the Pierre Series; in fact, it can almost be considered a direct sequel.


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