Scientists of Earth are all the scientists from the planet Earth. Especially the big, famous ones who fight against threats to the whole planet, such as Big Physics Maven. These guys make a habit of hanging around war rooms during crises, trying to sound like they know what they’re talking about. They always propose drastic, yet ingenious, solutions to hopelessly impossible situations which, any sane person would think, could never be overcome.

When the Fat Guy ‘evolved’ into the Perfect One, these guys were called in. They figured out how to get him out of the Panama Canal, which he was blocking: Pump him full of helium. Unfortunately, this caused him to become a celestial body which was blocking the light to North America. Once again, these guys saved the day by coming up with the idea (which seems the obvious thing to do in retrospect) to deploy Quantum-Transmogrification Missiles laced with Slim Fast into the former Fat Guy.

Once more, their plan paid off, but then backfired again. The Perfect One did indeed blow up, only to become hundreds, if not thousands, of smaller copies of himself. These Perfect One copies fell towards the earth, causing the Scientists to be called in once more. They sent a new swarm of missiles, this time ones which created artificial gravity, and which were laced with Ice Cream. This combination of greed and gravity worked, forcing all the copies of the Perfect One into one mass, creating a center of gravity. It remains to be seen how this will backfire on the Scientists, as all their plans do after seemingly working. ("The Perfect One")

After ridding the Earth of the Perfect One, the Scientists of Earth fell into quibbling over each other's scientific papers, before they realized they had to get the Perfect One to attack the Earth again. ("Scientists of Earth")

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APPEARANCES: (‘The Perfect One’- comic series)

CREATED BY: Bernard (the bard) Rzetelny

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