The Nazis were soldiers and supporters of Aidolf Hitler's regieme in Germany during World War II. Nazi soldiers are some of the most fearsome enemies, including many 'Guys' in their ranks, as well as at least one known gargantuon soldier. Thier bases and submarines are always the hardest to infiltrate and take over.


Xaq has had his share of scrapes with the Nazis over the years, as has every good adventurer since Indiana Jones. They're often trying to reach ancient artifacts before Xaq can.


In recent years, their 'third reich' in germany is long gone; However, newer groups of Nazis have appeared, some inside the United States; These are known as Neo-Nazis.


Main Article: Nazi Troopas

Meanwhile, on the German side of Mario's world (The Mushroom Kingdom), a group of Koopa Troopas have also become Nazis. It is unknown what their connection to Earthly Nazi Germany is.

Misc InfoEdit

Vital StatsEdit

RACE: Mostly Humans, although there are some others as well

BASE: Nazi Germany; A Small Base in the American midwest (Neo-Nazis)

CREATED BY: Aidolf Hitler (Adapted for Paper Computer games by Chris DeLuca)


  • (Series 1) - The Nazis made frequent appearances, often as the main villains. They were always trying to find ancient, powerful devices before the Americans (and Xaq) could.
  • "Till Time Do Us Part" - Cameo Appearance. A group of Nazis, pulled hundreds of years back through time, were involved in a huge epic battle at a medieval castle.
  • "Relics of the Sea" - Main villains. The Neo-Nazis, from their base in the American midwest, plotted to launch a submarine to find an ancient, powerful relic under the sea.
  • "The Fabric of Reality" - Guest Role. A gigantic, crazy Nazi soldier tried to kill a parachuting Ari with his equally giant machine gun. Unfortunately for him, Xaq was around, and killed him.
  • "The Nazi Machine" - What is the machine that the Nazis have built and kept so very secret? Xaq must dig deep to infiltrate the Nazis and stop their machine.
  • "Yaschnugganheimer #1" - On the German side of Mario world, the Nazi Troopas reign supreme. Their ranks consist of Koopas, Goombas, Hammer Bros., and many more Mario enemies-- all under the Nazi banner.

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