Moustache Man, otherwise known as Mr. Zhomp Clu, is a mad scientist with a gigantic moustache. He's often villanous.

History Edit

Zoo Chompers Edit

He was a scientist who grew to hate the oppressive presence of the Space-Balls, who were constantly raiding his planet, and began to turn his scientific genius to the creation of a countermeasure.

He created a new species which would be able to successfully overcome the Space-Balls; these were known as Zoo Chompers. They were gelatinous creatures that could eat absolutely anything and were next to impossible to destroy.

Unfortunately, Moustache Man proved unable to control his own creations, who would multiply, mutate, and run rampant across the world thereafter. They have become an incredibly dangerous race in their own right. (Space-Balls Series: "Dino's Quest")

Background Edit

  • The character of "Moustache Man" originated as a villain from Chris' dreams.
  • He was named after "Mr. Zhomp Qlu", Xaq's handle in a video game. "Zoo Chompers" are also references to that name, as Kurt Elfman first made the handle "Zoo Chomper" in that game to indicate his intended victory over Zhomp Qlu.

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