Midway Station was a space station in the Mez'Dora Corridor, owned and operated entirely by Alton. Originally intended as a business venture, the station now serves as a repair/refueling station for Balzak's Fleet.

History Edit

Alton built the station thinking it would be a profitable business venture, but just as it was completed, the interstellar marketplace shifted and the station's location was no longer near any major space-ways. As a result, it attracted absolutely no business. Alton, by accident, was trapped there, having provided no means of departure for himself. He remained there for years, until he discovered Balzak Globotron. (Balzak Globotron Series short story: "Alton's Journal")

He befriended the strange creature, happy for some companionship at last. Balzak was soon kidnapped from the station by aliens, however. Alton was left alone for weeks, until Balzak returned, having accumulated a fleet. He invited Alton to join the crew of the Taburnackle, and he accepted, leaving the station temporarily abandoned. It remained a go-to spot for the fleet for repairs and refueling, however. (Balzak Globotron Series: "Balzak Globotron")