Main Dude's First Game is the title of a computer game that was produced by XaQ using game maker in 2004. Although the game is technically not part of the Paper Computer Game series, several PCG characters do appear in the game, including Ginkus and The Fat Guy.

The StoryEdit

Main Dude is the main character of this game. He finds himself in a rather chaotic room, filled with bouncing balls, stars of old video games, and one evil guy known as the Evil Dude.

He escapes from this situation, only to be greeted by a series of similarly challenging rooms.

He then finds out that the series of compartments he's stuck in had been sealed off for years by The Fat Guy, who was blocking the entrance. He used slimfast, reducing the Fat Guy into the Skinny Guy, and then killed him. This freed not only himself but also the other inhabitants of that enclosure.

He got out into a town, which he explored; The townsfolk told him to visit the council of elders, which he did. One of those elders was Ginkus.

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