Kill Bot is one of The Collector's robots, stationed aboard one of the escape pods on the Space Ball Prison Ship (Exon).

Kill Bot

Kill Bot as he first appeared: A security bot on an escape pod.

Apparently a creation of the Space-Balls, this mechanical man obeyed the commands of whoever said aloud the words: ‘Killbot, Activate!’. He was originally a ‘Guy’, who the Space-Balls mutilated, killed, and turned into a machine.


Liit figured out his codes, and has commanded Kill Bot to accompany him on his travels across the planet which he escaped to. Kill Bot, along with Tutorial Bot and Woob-wüb, would continue to assist the Unknown prisoner of the Space-Balls throughout his adventures.

Kill bot 3d

Kill Bot in a field, ready for action.

However, he was seemingly killed in the destruction of the Collector's castle when the Unknown Prisoner failed to find him and pull him out in time.

Other AppearancesEdit

A year before Kill Bot’s supposed creation, he appeared in Barnes and Noble in an upgraded form. It is presumed that he was sent back in time to guard the café for some reason. This version of Kill Bot was bigger and much more intimidating. He met agent Mugstra here. ("Quest for the Vengeful Book")


Misc InfoEdit

CREATED BY: Kurt Elfman

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