John D. Whitmore was a simple bartender, until his whole world changed. Many towns in New Jersey had been bombed, and the news suspected terrorists, but the patrons in John’s bar suspected that neither Mr. Bin Laden nor the Rich Kid had anything to do with the recent attacks.

He was confronted by a strange individual in an alleyway who claimed to know the true nature of the attacks. The strange person led John down into his secret lair, where he revealed himself as Zoovac, and told John the truth- that it had been an [[Alien Advance Scout] who had bombed NJ.

With that, he hired John as the newest of his agents and sent him on his first mission- to hijack one of Xanderia’s missile bases and use it to destroy part of the orbiting fleet. John agreed. When he arrived at the missile base, he threatened the Secretary there at gunpoint, who offered no resistance and was in fact the model of customer service. The base was successfully hijacked, and the missiles it launched succeeded in destroying one of the alien ships.

It remains to be seen what future tasks Zoovac will have for John in the future, and whether he’ll have a continuing role in repelling the alien invasion.

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