The House of Rorric, often shortened as H.o.R., is a large mansion in Germany belonging to a man named Rorric, who was a member of The Company. Rorric used the mansion as a base for the Company.

The mansion also has an extensive, advanced sewer system, which is protected by laser weaponry. Behind the mansion, there's a large cornfield.

All the games that the H.O.R. has appeared in.

In 2007, agents of the company kidnapped Colette and Zoovac. When this happened, Pierre and Ari were forced to go to the rescue. They infiltrated the mansion, which was guarded by The Fat Guy; successfully passing him, they encountered Rorric himself, surrounded by two bodyguards. They managed to escape the encounter, and found and rescued their friends, and escaped through the Sewers. (Pierre Series: "The Evil League of Evil-Ness", "The Alien Abduction")