The boy who we know only as Hat Kid seems to have been an ordinary, adventurous boy who wore a baseball cap. Unfortunately for his adventurous side, his friend seems to have been more conservative and considered Hat Kid's adventures far too risky.


This was exemplified one day when Hat Kid tried to bring his friend to explore a cave in a field. his friend was extremely object to entering the cave, being afraid of the risk, and Hat Kid went through much ordeal to persuade him. However, the two boys did enter the cave and explore it. Inside, they found all manner of dangerous things; They were attacked by a Zubat. They also encountered The Collector. In the end, after exploring deep into the cave, Hat Kid gave up and agreed to go home. (Hat Kid Series: "The Zubat Cave")

Hat Kid 3d

Even in 3d, still pretty much just a kid in a hat.

One day, while the two boys were walking their dog, they saw a group of Echidnas attacking a seemingly innocent, suburban house. The two interfered, getting into a mess with the thugs. He entered a room which contained an invisible Echidna, with only rocks, and a giant mirror to help him figure out the Echidna's location.(Hat Kid Series: "The Evil Echidnas of Elfland", "The Invisible Menace")

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Both he and his friend appeared later in our records in one of Tutorial Bot's drug-induced fantasies; Both seemed to be reflections of their normal selves here. (Space-Balls: "Tutorial Bot's Past")

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