Flying Saucer Aliens

Some typical flying saucer aliens.

Alien Captain

The captain of an alien ship confronts Balzak Globotron.

Flying Saucer Aliens is a loose nickname applied to an advanced species of extraterrestrials, known for their long, spindly bodies and large eyes, grey skin, and their use of Flying Saucers. Their language is known as the Flying Saucer Alien Language.

These long, skinny creatures with large, black eyes fly around in advanced flying saucers and, for no apparent reason, mess with humanity. Reports of these creatures' existence was long thought to be folklore by many. They are, however, very real, especially in the Paper Computer Game universe. This race of aliens has been known to ally themselves with other alien species on occasion as well. Rho'Shibej, for example, was a Tryptozian and commanded one of their flying saucers.


It seems that they created a crop circle in Germany, near Rorric's mansion. They also left a crystal nearby under the guard of Guys who were working for the Company. The crystal, when brought to the crop circle, woUld beam anyone holding the crystal to a flying Saucer. The reason for this is that that particular ship was working for the company. It is uncertain whether this alien race as a whole is working for the company. Pierre and Ari encountered the things when they obtained the crystal and were beamed aboard. They then had to escape the aliens who were hostile to them. ("The Alien Abduction")

Another incident on Earth involved the Aliens abducting a linguist named Chenda, who began to partially learn their language. She befriended one of the Aliens, who showed her various alien cartoons to teach her the language. The results of that incident are as yet unknown. ("Alien Language Story")

Balzak Globotron later explored an abandoned flying saucer formerly owned by these creatures. He found that they were performing all sorts of experiments on sentient creatures before the ship was abandoned. He also discovered that these aliens had limited use of the Sphere Technology (That is, technology made from the same metallic Spheres that make up Balzak). Furthermore, when Balzak got to the bridge, he found that the captain of the ship was still alive. The captain feared Balzak, as he believed that Balzak's kind had killed his crew and were now coming back to finish the job. In fact, the ship had been ravaged by a group of the Sphere Children, unbeknownst to Balzak. ("Balzak Globotron")


The Flying Saucer Aliens have a complex spoken language with grammar somewhat different than English. They've been heard to speak English on occasion, but very rarely and only when speaking to Humans. In face, most Flying Saucer Aliens don't speak any other languages. ("Alien Language Story")

Example of their language: “Geshi YA tunobi waroutij! Geshi tunobi jaroutij!!!” = “I don’t like you, I hate you!!!”


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