Dave was a programmer working for The Company in the 1990s. He played a big part in the creation of Zoovac. He was also an enthusiast for ancient artifacts such as Wrath's mask, found in ancient Babylon. He had a young daughter named Chelsea. He also participated in the Great Internet War under the name DGAME. ("Zoovac: The Life and Times of a Clown on a Stick")

This article is about the character. For the creator who took the character's name, see Xaq DGAME.

DGAME is the screen name of a mysterious internet personality who contacted Honcho when his computer was taken over by viruses uploaded by the U.B.P.E..

Little is known about this person, or why he chose to help Honcho. He assisted mostly with cryptic hints, so his true motivations are unknown. It remains to be seen if this mysterious figure will reappear. ("Aux Game")

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