Cleaning Bot was a maintenance bot created by the Space-Balls, (out of an old computer mouse) along with Tutorial Bot and Kill Bot, and like them, he came to assist Liit. He resembled an enlarged computer mouse, but his job was to clean up garbage on a Space-Ball shuttlecraft. He lived in a little recharge bay, and was plugged into the wall.

When the craft landed on a planet, its crew were killed. Then the Unknown Prisoner and his party (Tutorial Bot, Kill Bot, and Woob-wüb) found him. He only spoke in a robotic language of beeps, but Tutorial Bot could understand this and translate.

Cleaning Bot

Cleaning Bot seen from above, navigating through a maze too small for the other characters to enter.

The Unknown Prisoner fed him some ‘Green Crap’ (Actually, foliage from the planet) which mutated him into a much smaller robot. He broke his cord and entered a hole in the wall, which led to circuitry. Inside the ship’s circuits, he was able to fix an electrical short, allowing an important button to be pressed. When the Cleaning Bot emerged from the hole, he was bigger than his normal self. He then joined Liit's group.

Cleaning Bot came in handy on many occasions. It seemed he could plug into various technical ports in high-tech facilities and interface with the circuits there. (Space-Balls Series: "Space-Balls")

During the party's (presumedly) final confrontation with The Collector, their archnemesis, Cleaning Bot was one of the two bots that the Collector didn't take control of. He remained loyal to the Unknown Prisoner. (Space-Balls Series: "Tutorial Bot's Past")

It is unknown whether it's the same robot or not, but The Cyborg encountered an identical Cleaning Bot in his quest to escape. This one just performed normal cleaning functions, though. (Xen Series: "Xen")

Misc InfoEdit

Cleaning Bot 3d

A closer angle of Cleaning Bot, cleaning a carpet.


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