Chris and the Portal Tree was an early, Series 1 era PCG by Xaq. It was one of the earliest games to feature Chris as a protagonist; this is likely because it was one of the first games by Xaq, and the first made for Chris. The game was experimental in its use of color, which was almost never used in Series 1. It also introduced the recurring Portal Tree itself, an important element in the PCG Universe to this day.

The game enjoyed moderate success, but enough to justify the extra effort to produce it, and it was never followed up until the modern era Chris Series games. This is also partially since Xaq was then not an experienced PCG maker, and was attempting to make ambitious games, which take more effort than normal.

Story and SituationEdit

Chris is horribly lost. He's in a green, grassy field that extends as far as he can see in every direction. No matter how far or fast he goes, he gets nowhere. The only thing he sees-- in what he considers the 'middle' of this field-- is a beautiful grove. In the grove, one tree, huger and more interesting than the rest, catches his eye. When he approaches the tree, he sees it is surrounded by strange, blue portals.

The CharacterEdit

Chris is an innocent, young boy who's gotten hopelessly lost and is trying to escape.


Who, if anyone, came to help Chris is unknown; lost in the anulls of time.



The GameEdit

Very little is remembered about this game. All that is known is that it began with a field of portals, with a tree in the background. Chris had to choose which portal was the right one-- all the others led to death.


How Chris escaped, and the secrets and mysteries behind the strange world he found himself in, have been lost in time. Perhaps more will someday be revealed to us. The Tree and the portals would reappear, however.

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