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Chenda the Linguist

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Full Name Chenda Challis
Appearances "Alien Language Story", "The Legend of Gurgus the Great"
Gender Female
Species Human
Height 5'8
Weight Roughly 140 lbs
Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color White
Blood Type A
Known Relatives None
Special Powers Supernatural Language-learning ability
Affiliation {{{Affiliation}}}
Created By Xaq
Known Aliases None

Chenda Morris was an innocent (If somewhat obnoxious) linguist was learning Old English, Korean, and various other languages before she was abducted by Flying Saucer Aliens. They lifted her up by a giant claw, into their ship.

She befriended an alien there, named Iku'Dox who began to teach her the Alien language-- as it turned out, the most interesting language of all to her. Her fate is, as yet, unknown. (Short Story: "Alien Language Story")

At some point, presumably many years later, Chenda translated one of the great legends of the Tryptozians into English -- The Legend of Gurgus the Great. (Short Story: "The Legend of Gurgus the Great")

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