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Cassie, considering her options.

Full Name Claudia Cassidy (Last name Unknown)
Appearances When EVIL Flows in Freeness
The Ancient Secret Under Shri
Squids in Forests
Further Sylvan Squidisms
Fried Calamari
Balzak Globotron
Gender Female
Species Human
Height About 5', presumably
Weight Roughly 180 lbs, presumably
Eye Color Unknown
Skin Color White
Blood Type Unknown
Known Relatives Julia (Sister)
Special Powers None.
Affiliation {{{Affiliation}}}
Created By Xaq
Known Aliases La Casinadie!

Cassie was a girl who lived in Union City on Earth, who became inexplicably pulled into the strange adventures of her friends, Ari, Xaq, and Pierre.

Her first adventure came when she woke up one morning in a bed she didn't remember. She also didn't remember her identity. Exploring the house she was in, she discovered that the only way out of the room she was in was to break her way through the floor and fall down. From there, she had to find a way to fall again, and again, and so on, until she reached the bottom-- where she encountered her enemy, Kron Yahumto. (Squids in Forests: "When EVIL Flows in Freeness")

After defeating Yahumto, she fell down one level further-- into an ancient, underground labyrynth under Shri. There, she met Ari and Chanai, with whom she allied herself. The three began exploring the labyrinth, but Chanai soon left the party to persue his own destiny. Ari and Cassie then found a way out of the Labyrinth and up into a large forest. (Squids in Forests: "The Ancient Secret under Shri")

The two then began to explore their forest settings, uncovering a strange plot by unknown powers that involved Ari and Cassie; They were being monitored for an unknown reason. They continued to explore the forest, finding a race of miniature people living there. (Squids in Forests: "Squids in Forests")

Through all of this, she kept Kron Yahumto's remains in a blender. This was able to help her in a mysterious way. With Ari, she continued exploring the forest, finding more miniature people living among ancient ruins. (Squids in Forests: "Further Sylvan Squidisms")

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