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Bitey, The Dog!
Bitey the dog


Full Name Bitey The Dog
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Gender Male
Species Canine
Height About 3', presumably
Weight Roughly 105 lbs, presumably
Eye Color Unknown
Skin Color Fur color unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Known Relatives None
Special Powers The same abilities as all dogs have.
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Created By Kurt Elfman
Known Aliases Beast

Bitey was a dog. He was initially known simply as Beast before his name and species were revealed.


This animal happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He found himself near a swimming pool, where a strange man (who may have gone on to become the Acid Zombie) shot at him. He dived into the pool, and escaped into the sewers from there. Unfortunately, he became pursued by Splinter, the mentor of the Ninja Turtles. Once more, he fled, this time back to the surface. There, more things attacked him, and it was unknown whether he survived the encounter. (Computer Game: "Super Computer Paper Computer Game")

However, he later appeared as one of the people who stumbled into a Zombie epidemic, along with Bruce, the The Fat Guy, the Fatter guy, and others. It was revealed then that he was a dog. ("Resident Evil Game")


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