Bird was a large, spike-covered brown bird, who was chained to a wall by the Space-Balls to protect a certain button. The Unknown Prisoner met him, and unchained him, convincing the suspicious and partially Spaceball-loyal bird that he was a friend. The bird then attacked and ripped to shreds Bill, the fat guy's mole. He then flew away.

Soon afterward, Bird encountered Liit again in a forest of hairs. His appearance this time was less hostile and he listened when Liit spoke to him. (Space-Balls Series: Space-Balls")

Throughout the Liit's adventures on the Fat Guy Planet, the Bird occasionally dropped in to either lend a hand or to pester him. One time, he also was seen hanging around with a similar bird who seems to have been his friend. The two were newly suspicious of the Main Character and attempted to block his path, leading to more confrontation. (Space-Balls Series: "Space-Balls", "Tutorial Bot's Past")

However, Bird saved Liit's life leading up to the climactic battle with The Collector. He swooped in to where Liit's party was, at the top of The Collector's castle and saved them. (Space-Balls Series: "Tutorial Bot's Past")

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