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Balzak Globotron is the first Paper Computer Game in the Balzak Globotron Series, introducing Balzak Globotron, the Mez'Dora Corridor, Sphere Children, and many others. It also builds on events from previous PCGs in the Pierre Series and the Ginkus' Odyssey series. There are even references to the Malphoid Series.

The game is a massive space exploration epic, in which the player gathers a fleet of starships with which he can explore multiple planets within the Mez'Dora Corridor of space. There are massive space battles, puzzles, and many characters. The game also features a multiplayer component later in the game, as Ari and his party join the game.

Story and SituationEdit

A man living by himself on his space station comes across a strange canister, containing a new type of lifeform: Balzak Globotron! Alton teaches Balzak what he can about the world, but the "Sphere Child" (as his race comes to be called) begins to wonder what he is and where he came from.

From then on, Balzak's quest will be to explore the far reaches of space, chasing clue after clue, trying to find out both his origin... and his destiny.

The CharacterEdit

Balzak Globotron is a man made up of metallic spheres connected by a strange but powerful electromagnetic force. Everything about him is alien, and is way too complex for most normal physicists to study. Unfortunately, he has no memories prior to landing on Alton's station.


  • Alton is the man who finds Balzak floating in space and opens his canister. He takes Balzak under his wing, and takes care of him.

  • Ginkus is the former King of a nation on the planet Shri, and plays a mysterious role in Balzak's origin. After Balzak awakened him, the two worked together for a time.
  • Other figures also help Balzak's quest, although they have not yet been revealed.


The GameEdit

A massive PCG epic, with perhaps the largest number of screens of any PCG at the time. The game featured an explorable corridor of outer space, with multiple planets that could be visited.

The game included many characters and settings, some from previous PCG stories. It also included a space-travel system (in which players had to procure fuel on a planet in order to proceed to the next), a space battle system, and a system for building a fleet.


Yet to be revealed. Will Balzak discover his true origin?


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