Aux Game is a 1990s PCG by Xaq DGAME (and was the inspiration for the second part of that name). It was the first PCG of its type, and one of the earliest to not feature Xaq as a protagonist.

Story and SituationEdit

One day, an innocent PC-goer known only by his screen name of Honcho turned on his computer, in the mood to play a game. When he opened his "Games" folder, he discovered an icon he'd never seen before: it was labelled Aux Game. He clicked on it, filled with curiosity, only to find that his entire hard drive had been deleted. He must now find a way to restore his hard drive; and the key may lie with the mysterious file which caused all the problems to begin with.

The Character Edit

Honcho is an avid computer user, whose machine is always giving him problems. He loves computers, however, and is ready to do whatever he can to fix the problem. He sets out on his noble quest to restore his C:/ drive.

Allies Edit

A mysterious figure will contact Honcho through instant messages and E-mail. This person goes only by his screen name of DGAME (or DGAM); however, he signs all his E-mail messages as "Pap. Comp. Game Master". DGame will give Honcho clues and advice, leading him along the trail to his goals.

Villains Edit

None, that Honcho knows of; But, could some malevolent group have planted that deadly game on Honcho's hard drive?

Ending Edit

Honcho finally downloads all four quarters of Aux Game and runs it. The results of running this game have been lost in time.

The GameEdit

The first "Computer Navigation" game, this game didn't actually show the character at all. Rather, it took place entirely in the world of Honcho's computer. Honcho had to navigate his desktop, America Online and the Internet, and his games folder. Honcho's quest to re-download Aux Game is a quirky and humorous one, with some simple yet interesting puzzles.

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