Poor Alton was a man who purchased a space station, Midway Station, intending to have a business there-- a refuel/restock station, where ships from all over the galaxy would stop, refuel themselves, and buy a souvenir while they were at it. Unfortunately for Alton, his space station was poorly placed, and it never found business. He found himself stranded, alone, on his own Space-Station, while his wife stayed on his planet and started a relationship with some jerk named Johnsohn.

Lonely and depressed, Alton passed the time as best he could. One day, however, everything changed for him when a canister from deep space impacted on his station. Opening the canister, he found a series of perfect, metallic spheres. These soon connected to each other via electromagnetism, forming Balzak Globotron.

It wasn't long, however, before aliens attacked the station and abducted Balzak, leaving Alton alone on his station once more.

Weeks later, Balzak returned to the station aboard the Taburnackle, bringing with him a whole fleet as well. After repairing and servicing the fleet, Alton was invited to abandon the station and come with them. He gladly accepted. (Balzak Globotron Series: "Balzak Globotron")


  • "Balzak Globotron" - Alton is the first person Balzak meets, and helps Balzak gain his bearings.

In Other FictionEdit

  • "Balzak Globotron Comic" (Comic) - This comic explains the origin of Balzak Globotron; Therefore, Alton plays a role.
  • "Alton's Journal" (Short Story) - These excerpts, which the scholars here have managed to procure for historical purposes, shed light on Balzak's arrival on the station from Alton's point of view.

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