The Alien Advance Scout is a strange alien being who was sent to Earth to gain information and sabotage the Human society prior to a major alien invasion. He always wears the same mask that all members of his species wear, so his face is never visible. His legs are bent backwards.

When he was first dropped on Earth, he explored the Earth Building, in which humans lived. He killed all humans present, including a mutated human. There was one exception, however; a Fat Human blocked his path, and definitely survived after the incident. The alien then found an airplane, which he used to fly to Washington, D.C. where he shot and killed the president of the United States. (Alien Invasion Series: "Prologue")

Upon shooting the president, something struck him and knocked him out. He awoke in the house of a blonde, female human sci-fi fan who had saved him because he’s an alien. She wore a flying saucer model on her head. Her name was Lyla.

The F.B.I. looked for the Alien at her house, so the girl brought him into a secret passage she’d carved out for just such an occasion. They escaped, and together stole a secret Air Force stealth bomber, which the Alien used to bomb multiple cities in New Jersey. They then flew off into the sunset together; their fate is thus far unknown. (Alien Invasion Series: "Evil Plans")

Zoovac became aware of the Alien scout’s activities and attempted to take action against him, and against the invasion in general. Despite this, the invasion seems to have been a success, at least for a period of time, due to the efforts of the Alien Advance Scout. (Alien Invasion Series: "The World's Reaction")


Evil Alien Tools, good for enslaving humanity.

Signature InventoryEdit

  • Laser Gun- An advanced, deadly alien weapon. Standard issue.
  • Armband- A metallic band, worn around the arm, which can cloak our Alien 'hero'.

APPEARANCES: “Alien Invasion!!! Part 0- Prologue”, “Alien Invasion, Part 1- Evil Plans

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